Lattice Boltzmann Graduate Textbook

We are proud to present our textbook “The Lattice Boltzmann Method – Principles and Practice” in Springer’s Graduate Text in Physics series. The book covers the following topics:

  1. Basics of hydrodynamics and kinetic theory
  2. Numerical methods for fluids
  3. The lattice Boltzmann equation
  4. Analysis of the lattice Boltzmann equation
  5. Boundary and initial conditions
  6. Forces
  7. Non-dimensionalisation and choice of simulation parameters
  8. Lattice Boltzmann for advection-diffusion problems
  9. Multiphase and multicomponent flows
  10. MRT and TRT collision operators
  11. Boundary conditions for fluid-structure interaction
  12. Sound waves
  13. Implementation of lattice Boltzmann simulations

You find the book on several web pages, e.g. Springer or Amazon.

The book has its own GitHub page, including up-to-date errata. Mistakes and corrections can be sent to