Welcome to the EPSRC-funded project “SynBIM” (SynBio-Inspired Nanomaterials Manufacturing)! We are developing lattice-Boltzmann-based models to simulate advection-diffusion-reaction problems and particles growing through solidification of a solute under flow.

SynBIM simulator

During his summer research internship in 2020, Rafael Anderka implemented the interactive “SynBIM simulator”. The source code is available under the MIT license.

Snapshot of SynBIM simulator. The simulator models the advection and diffusion of three solutes in a liquid. Two of the solutes react to form the third one. The user can control viscosity, diffusion coefficients, and reaction rate in real-time. The liquid can be dragged to create flow, and solutes can be added and removed. Solid obstacles can be drawn and erased to create complex geometries.